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Necessary Spaces

The more I study Theology, the more I find myself tempted to view and consider God solely in an abstract sense. While conversations about the implications in the phrase "God is good" or the issue of evil and suffering in relation to God are important conversations to have, it is dangerous to simply remain there. Faith becomes less personal, God's identity more transcendent, and our ability to grasp the movement of God's redemptive hand in the context of our lives, those around us, and this world weakens.

That is where I have been over the past few months - forgetful of what God has done and is doing around me simply because I lacked the discipline in the day-to-day to reflect upon and give a voice to it. Because of that, I have felt discontent, the source of which I could never quite figure out. All that changed this weekend, on a trip to the coast with new friends and old. Sitting around the campfire at the beach, we asked questions like:

How has your faith transformed over the past few years at college?

What is the most important piece of advice that you'd give others?

Has there been a moment in your life where God's presence was made powerfully evident? In the lives of others you know?

As we went around the fire and shared our answers, I realized just how important it is that we create spaces in our lives for reflection. For it is when we reflect upon what God has done, is doing, and is yet to do - with ourselves and with others - that we find ourselves awakened to a new reality: one in which, while we may not have everything figured out, we have a God who gives us Himself time and time and time again.

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